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About Us


dot LLC is comprised of passionate, driven, and talented developers. Our goal is to provide you with the resources necessary to grow your business or turn your idea into a reality. Whether through a website, an app, or social media management, we will help you improve and expand your business's online visibility.

What We Do

Web Development

In order to have a strong presence online, it is vital to have a well-designed and easy to use site; a good looking and working website will help to differentiate you from the competition. At dot, we’ll make sure to not only give you a website, but one that will make you stand out.

App/Mobile Development

Smartphones run our world. Whether for business or personal use, they are the quintessential personal computer. And apps are the magic behind the machine. Apps are the easiest way for your customers to always be a swipe away from your service or platform.

Digital Marketing

A strong digital presence is a must nowadays. That means having a strong social media presence, and being near the top of Google searches. Here at dot, we can take care of those tasks for you so you can spread the word.

Photo Design

Wish you could hide that one pimple? Did the silly neighbors get in a photo of the house your trying to sell? At dot we’ll make your photos however you need them to be so your Instagram updates and business related photos can look and be amazing.

Our Team

Coming from a background of computer programming and game design, Rami is a highly motivated student attending NJIT majoring in Computer Science. After several years experience of academic study, Rami is ready to make his mark in the business world.
Tinkering with computer hardware and software since the age of 10 exposed Samer to many years of experience. Studying many different computer related material has made him a “Jack of All Trades” due to his eagerness to learn about everything.
A passionate, tech-savvy fellow with a strong interest in technology, especially software. Currently attending Montclair State University to receive his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Sammy knew from the beginning of his high school the path that he wanted to lead. At the end of the day, his end goal is to push positivity and progress in the world in whatever means necessary.


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